Communicating the links between climate change and heat waves with the Climate Shift Index
    • Publication year: 2024
    • Journal: Weather, Climate and Society
    • Authors: Laura Thomas-Walters, Matthew H. Goldberg, Sanguk Lee, Aidan Lyde, Seth A. Rosenthal, Anthony Leiserowitz
    • Language: English
    • Post category:Academic Papers

    Communicating heat-related risks to the public is increasingly important for both their own protection and to encourage mitigation policies. To test the impact of the Climate Shift Index (CSI), which quantifies how climate change affects the likelihood of extreme weather, an experiment was conducted with 3,902 American adults. Participants were informed that climate change made the July 2023 U.S. heat wave at least five times more likely. Variations in CSI wording and explanations were tested. All treatments increased the belief that climate change made the heat wave, and heat waves in general, more likely.