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    Introducing the 2024 World Days calendar, your new climate comms hack
    By SWS staff

    International awareness days are useful hooks to hang campaigns and messages on. And because the environment is the biggest cross-cutting issue of our time, on most world days there will be a climate story to tell.

    To kick start your climate communications in 2024 we’ve designed a World Days Calendar, which details more than 50 international awareness days to help you connect the dots, communicate about the climate crisis and demand urgent action.

    For some of the days, the links are direct and obvious, like World Wetlands Day (2 February), International Mother Earth Day (22 April), the International Day of Biological Diversity (22 May), World Sustainable Transport Day (26 November) and the biggie: World Environment Day (5 June).

    But you’ll also find information on days that cover closely linked issues, like World Health Day (7 April), World Refugee Day (20 June) and World Population Day (11 July). And we’ve thrown in a few curveballs to help you get creative, like St Valentine’s Day (14 February), which must surely be the perfect opportunity to inspire hearts by celebrating the things we love and want to protect on our precious planet.

    For each day you’ll find sample text highlighting the link between the issue and climate change which you can weave into your comms or just use for inspiration. You’ll also find amazing images courtesy of Climate Visuals, an initiative reshaping the visual language of climate change and promoting diversity.

    So get planning, and together we can make 2024 the year in which climate stories take centre stage, whatever the issue.