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Climate Town

Video series produced by Rollie Williams, a comedian, video-editor and policy wonk, to educate and entertain — but mostly to get more people comfortable talking about climate change without feeling embarrassed or uninformed about it.

Unf*ucking The Planet

UnF*cking the Planet is a new YouTube series produced by Pique Action that brings a sharp perspective to the climate conversation. Directed by Adam Felber and hosted by popular TikTok sensation Hazel Thayer, the six-episode season satirically cuts through the BS and offers tangible solutions…and maybe even a dose of confidence in a better future.

Climate science translated

The science is not reaching enough people, and it's not reaching them in a way that cuts through. We need to translate the data into emotional, shareable and actionable formats. The Climate Science Breakthrough helps climate science breakthrough to many more people - and unlock action with comedy.

Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives is a project for PR and ad professionals who want a safe climate future. We are strategists, creatives, and industry leaders who believe that fossil fuel clients represent a threat to our shared future. Over 600 agencies have pledged to not work with fossil fuel clients.

Women Speak

An initiative designed to shift the narrative and to challenge dominant systems of exploitation and oppression of women and the Earth. The online platform collects stories by and about women leading struggles and solutions for climate justice under a variety of cross-sectional themes.

Climate Comedy Cohort

The Climate Comedy Cohort is an unprecedented network of comedians who are coming together to learn, collaborate, and create hilarious new comedy informed by the hottest climate science. The Climate Comedy Cohort functions as a 9-month fellowship.

Creatives for Climate

A global movement of storytellers and solutionists divesting their talent from destruction, and using their narrative power to build a just and regenerative world. It's the first and largest online global platform for creative professionals to share knowledge, tools, and new ideas to drive climate action.

The Climate Art Collection

A non-profit initiative based in Berlin that collects, communicates and exhibits artworks on the topic of climate change on a global scale with the goal of making o make climate change and its impacts perceptible and tangible.

How To Fix Climate Journalism

The essay series from alumni of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network around the world offers advice on how to produce better climate coverage. They provide ideas and real-world inspiration for side-stepping political polarisation, providing context when a hurricane hits, and asking the hard questions when confronted with a wave of “climate finance” jargon.