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Climate Comedy Cohort

The Climate Comedy Cohort is an unprecedented network of comedians who are coming together to learn, collaborate, and create hilarious new comedy informed by the hottest climate science. The Climate Comedy Cohort functions as a 9-month fellowship.

Creatives for Climate

A global movement of storytellers and solutionists divesting their talent from destruction, and using their narrative power to build a just and regenerative world. It's the first and largest online global platform for creative professionals to share knowledge, tools, and new ideas to drive climate action.

The Climate Art Collection

A non-profit initiative based in Berlin that collects, communicates and exhibits artworks on the topic of climate change on a global scale with the goal of making o make climate change and its impacts perceptible and tangible.

Sink/Rise: The Day May Break

The Day May Break, is an ongoing global series by photographer Nick Brandt portraying people and animals impacted by environmental degradation and destruction. SINK/RISE is the third chapter focusing on South Pacific Islanders impacted by rising oceans from climate change.The local people in these photos, photographed underwater off the coast of Vanua Levu are representatives of the many people whose homes, land and livelihoods will be lost in the coming decades as the water rises.

Picture the Change

Picture the Change is designed to help creative artists learn the art and science of climate storytelling. The course includes live sessions with a cohort of artists from around the world, lectures with leading climate experts, and the opportunity to develop and showcase new work.

Climate Change Poetry

This project has commissioned the work of Australian poet, Amanda Anastasi, for a range of poetry that captures the science, politics, impacts and ways of imagining climate change futures. The poems here include one line poems that anticipate a world changed by climate, as well as longer poems in which climate is infused with everyday life in confronting ways.

Art Advocacy and Climate Justice

This study maps out the multiple ways in which art can function as a medium to advocate for climate justice. It presents ten case studies and concludes with opportunities, challenges and recommendations to foster “artivism” for climate justice.

Artistic representations of data can help bridge the US political divide over climate change

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Journal: Communications Earth & Environment
  • Authors: Nan Li, Isabel Villanueva, Thomas Jilk and Dominique Brossard
  • Post category:Academic Papers

This unprecedented research found that artistic visualizations of climate change elicited stronger positive emotions than informationally equivalent data graphs but did not differ in their perceived credibility or effectiveness as visual aids for learning. Artistic visualizations appeared to mitigate the political division in viewers’ perceived relevance of climate change.