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“Worry is good, fear is bad”: getting the climate message across

  • Year of release: 2023
  • Name of podcast: Climate Cast
  • Post category:Podcasts

In March 2023 the UN released one of its scientific reports offering humanity a 'final warning' to avoid climate catastrophe - but it barely got any coverage. Podcast host Tom Heap explores the question: what is it about bleak climate assessments that can cause people to switch off? He talks to psychologist Dr Sander van der Linden why our brains struggle to process news that scares people and speaks to comedian Tom Walker, AKA Jonathan Pie, about using humour to get the point across.

Artistic representations of data can help bridge the US political divide over climate change

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Journal: Communications Earth & Environment
  • Authors: Nan Li, Isabel Villanueva, Thomas Jilk and Dominique Brossard
  • Post category:Academic Papers

This unprecedented research found that artistic visualizations of climate change elicited stronger positive emotions than informationally equivalent data graphs but did not differ in their perceived credibility or effectiveness as visual aids for learning. Artistic visualizations appeared to mitigate the political division in viewers’ perceived relevance of climate change.

The Scale of Hope

Join former White House climate advisor Molly Kawahata as she prepares for an expedition in the Alaska Range while working to create a new climate narrative that centers her favorite question—What can I do to help?—with a surprising answer.

Hopium or empowering hope? A meta-analysis of hope and climate engagement

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Journal: Frontiers in Psychology
  • Authors: Nathaniel Geiger, Timothy Dwyer, Janet K. Swim
  • Post category:Academic Papers

This review study found “partial yet inconclusive evidence” that increasing hope makes people engage more with the climate. It found people whose hope was rooted in complacency were less likely to engage than those whose hope was linked to action.

The strength and content of climate anger

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Journal: Global Environmental Change
  • Authors: Thea Gregersen, Gisle Andersen, Endre Tvinnereim
  • Post category:Academic Papers

This study, which asked 2,000 Norwegian adults how they felt about the climate crisis, found the link to activism was seven times stronger for anger than it was for hope. The effects were smaller for other actions, but fear and guilt were the best predictors of policy support, while sadness, fear and hope were the best predictors of behavioural change.

How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming

Psychologist and economist Per Espen Stokes has spent years studying the defenses we use to avoid thinking about the demise of our planet -- and figuring out a new way of talking about global warming that keeps us from shutting down. Step away from the doomsday narratives and learn how to make caring for the earth feel personable, do-able and empowering with this fun, informative talk.

Climate Crisis is Now a Communication Crisis

  • Year of release: 2021
  • Organization/Speaker: Marcia Clare Allison
  • Post category:Webinars & Talks

How we can persuade people and policymakers alike to embrace the scientifically called upon changes to our environmentally destructive behaviours? In this talk, Dr Marcia Clare Allison combines climate psychology and rhetoric to showcase how we need to embrace new types of communication strategies that use the environment as its own evidence itself that we already have the tools for long-term climate action in place.

Climate inaction: How to beat the ‘doom barrier’

  • Publication year: 2019
  • Media: Deutsche Welle
  • Post category:Articles

In this interview with Climate psychologist, Per Espen Stoknes, we learn how people tend to disengage out of fear and guilt feelings, which tend to be evoked by the climate change "doom framing". He points out to our motivations when we hear and see others around us taking action and the need for four types of new stories will reach people's hearts and send the message that we are in this together.

Climate Change in the American Mind and the Six Americas (flagship audience segmentation initiative)

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Organization: Yale Program on Climate Change Communications
  • Post category:Audience Insights

Twice a year nationally representative surveys that investigate, track, and explain public climate change knowledge, risk perceptions, policy support and behavior, with the more recent conducted in 2023. This research has identified “Global Warming’s Six Americas,” six unique target audiences in the U.S. that respond to climate change in different ways. Understanding these Six Americas—from the “Alarmed” to the “Dismissive” is critical to communications and advocacy efforts.