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Non-monetary narratives motivate businesses to engage with climate change

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Journal: Sustainability Science
  • Authors: Luederitz, C., Animesh, A., Rohrbacher, K. et al.
  • Post category:Academic Papers

The dominant narrative to motivate business actors to take climate actions emphasizes opportunities to increase monetary gains, linking sustainability to the financial goals of these organizations. This study conducted an online, real-world, large-n experiment to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of different motivations using narrative communication. We show that non-monetary narratives highlighting prosocial or achievement motivations are 55% more effective in creating responses from businesses than narratives emphasizing monetary gains.

How Americans View Future Harms From Climate Change in Their Community and Around the U.S.

This latest survey of more than 8,800 American adults, finds that 63% of Americans expect climate impacts to get worse in their lifetimes. However, only 27% of Americans also say that individual voters can make a difference.The polling finds that there has been a slight decline in participation in climate action—only 21% of respondents say they had participated in a climate action in the last year, down from 24% in 2021.

The climate case for joy (selection of stories)

  • Publication year: 2021
  • Media: Fix Solutions Lab
  • Post category:Articles

Joy can strengthen our resolve, help us uncover creative solutions, and bolster our resilience. It’s a statement to ourselves and the world that we are still here, undefeated. In this issue, we look at why joy is so crucial in this moment, how to make space for it, and the surprising ways people are channeling it to do better climate and justice work.

2022 climate solutions narrative trends

  • Publication year: 2026
  • Publishing organization: The Solutions Project, Conspire for Good
  • Post category:Guides & Reports

This report tracks and analyzes narrative trends in the news related to renewable energy in the United States and more broadly related to climate solutions, including food and water systems in our analysis, alongside renewable energy.

Women Speak

An initiative designed to shift the narrative and to challenge dominant systems of exploitation and oppression of women and the Earth. The online platform collects stories by and about women leading struggles and solutions for climate justice under a variety of cross-sectional themes.

Media Exposure to Climate Change, Anxiety, and Efficacy Beliefs in a Sample of Italian University Students

  • Publication year: 2021
  • Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • Authors: Daniela Acquadro Maran, Tatiana Begotti
  • Post category:Academic Papers

This study assessed the effects of exposure to climate change information in the media in a sample of 18–26-year-old Italian university students. In particular, the relationship between climate change media information exposure, climate anxiety, and individual and collective self-efficacy was studied.

Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break The Law?

Celebrated UK broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham goes on a personal journey to decide for himself if it's ethically acceptable to break the law to protest against government policies on climate change. In this deeply personal film, Chris considers whether he is prepared to risk jail and other, potentially-career ending consequences to bring about change. He meets climate change activists who believe mass civil disobedience is necessary to force policy change. But are their actions justified to combat the climate crisis?