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To obscure the risks of gas stoves, utilities borrowed from Big Tobacco’s playbook

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Media: Yale Climate Connections
  • Post category:Articles

A new investigation by NPR and the Climate Investigations Center found that the gas industry tried to downplay the health risks of gas stoves for decades, turning to many of the same public-relations tactics the tobacco industry used to cover up the risks of smoking. Gas utilities even hired some of the same PR firms and scientists that Big Tobacco did.

The new playbook – Undermining climate action: 10 emerging fossil narratives that threaten progress ahead of COP28

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Publishing organization: Climate Action Against Disinformation
  • Post category:Guides & Reports

The coalition has compiled this document, highlighting emerging deceptive claims and efforts to contaminate discussions on the phase out of fossil fuels. It provides accurate scientific information to equip the public, UNFCCC delegates, and journalists with vital insights for critical deliberations at the upcoming COP28 climate summit in November 2023, hosted by the UAE.

Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives is a project for PR and ad professionals who want a safe climate future. We are strategists, creatives, and industry leaders who believe that fossil fuel clients represent a threat to our shared future. Over 600 agencies have pledged to not work with fossil fuel clients.

Rumores Renovables

This report explores how anti-renewable narratives spread through the online ecosystem of Spanish-speaking Internet users, the groups and individuals who seed and disseminate them, and the tactics these actors employ. The analysis found that the Spanish-language anti-renewables conversation is characterized by a range of narratives, and driven by actors from Spain, Latin America, and other ideologically aligned communities. It also uncovered insights into the dynamics and tactics used to spread this discourse across platforms.

Spanish-language misinformation about renewable energy spreads online, report finds

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Media: NBC News
  • Post category:Articles

A new study found that Spanish-language disinformation and misinformation about climate change have risen hand in hand with the spread of false narratives online undermining renewable energy initiatives as extreme weather events have become more severe and recurrent this summer. The most common narratives include false allegations that wildfires are intentionally created to clear land for renewable energy projects, such as windmills or solar farms.

Let’s Change The Way We Talk About Climate Change

Since the 1980s public conversations about climate change have been dominated by the language of science and politics. Our own fears of scientific inaccuracy and uncertainty – or political disagreement – have censored us from talking about how to live on a changing planet. This talk presents a new frame for conversations about climate change – place – places that matter. We can change the conversation about climate change by connecting the issues to the places and people we love.

Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World

  • Non-fiction
  • Publication year: 2021
  • Author(s): Katherine Hayhoe
  • Post category:Books

In Saving Us, Hayhoe argues that when it comes to changing hearts and minds, facts are only one part of the equation. We need to find shared values in order to connect our unique identities to collective action. Drawing on interdisciplinary research and personal stories, Hayhoe shows that small conversations can have astonishing results. Saving Us leaves us with the tools to open a dialogue with your loved ones about how we all can play a role in pushing forward for change.

How to Fight Climate “Delay”—Denial’s Hipper, More Dangerous Cousin

  • Publication year: 2022
  • Media: The New Republic
  • Post category:Articles

Examples of climate misinformation can range from the idea that only God can influence the climate to fake images of private jets lining up for the COP26 climate summit. But there’s one particularly dangerous element in this cesspool of fake news: the idea that climate change is a problem, just not an urgent one.

Revealed: Media Blitz Against Heat Pumps Funded by Gas Lobby Group

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Media: DeSmog
  • Post category:Articles

Over the past two years, the Energy and Utilities Association (EUA) has paid a public affairs firm to generate hundreds of articles and interviews to lobby the UK government on energy policy. The PR campaign subjects heat pumps to intense criticism. Powered by electricity, heat pumps are currently set to play a key role in decarbonising heating and replacing gas boilers.