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How to Safeguard Against Mis-/Disinformation at COP28

  • Year of release: 2023
  • Organization/Speaker: Covering Climate Now, Climate Action Against Disinformation,
  • Post category:Webinars & Talks

With disinformation ramping up before COP28, journalists need to prepare now to avoid getting spun during the summit. This press briefing was organized to update journalists on likely disinformation narratives to watch out for, how media digests disinformation, and how it can impact negotiations. Whether you’re reporting or editing, on the ground or from afar, this press briefing is aimed at helping you publish the most factual reporting.

Greenwashing 3.0 – Why addressing greenwashing remains as important a ever

  • Publication year: 2022
  • Publishing organization: Ivey Business School at Western University.
  • Post category:Guides & Reports

There is a new paradigm of greenwashing emerging that the authors of this report have framed as Greenwashing 3.0. Greenwashing 3.0 is driven by a central focus on long-term environmental commitments, especially regarding climate targets. “Net zero by 2050” commitments are by nature long-term promises, rather than verifiable statements about current performance, and open up a whole new world of greenwashing mechanisms. The report identifies some key features of this new paradigm and recommendations for addressing it.

Asia F-list 2023

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Publishing organization: Clean Creatives
  • Post category:Guides & Reports

The first research study exploring fossil fuel advertising in Asian markets. This report includes a breakdown of the major strategies that polluters are using in the most climate vulnerable part of the world, as well as the 70+ agencies and 100+ contracts behind them.

Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives is a project for PR and ad professionals who want a safe climate future. We are strategists, creatives, and industry leaders who believe that fossil fuel clients represent a threat to our shared future. Over 600 agencies have pledged to not work with fossil fuel clients.

Verifying climate claims

In this 45 minute course, you'll learn how to verify content and claims about climate change, we'll talk about "greenwashing", see what content is not verifiable, identify some types of misinformation and which sources to use.

Climate Misinformation: Ranking Big Tech

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Publishing organization: Climate Action Against Disinformation Coalition
  • Post category:Guides & Reports

This report assess and ranks the policies of five major platforms - Meta (Instagram and Facebook), TikTok, Twitter/X, YouTube, and Pinterest - that should aim to reduce the spread of climate mis- and disinformation in accordance with the standards set by the Climate Action Against Disinformation Policy Demands. The authors call on platforms to review the rankings and use them to guide future policymaking around stopping the spread of climate denial, greenwashing, hate speech, and public health misinformation.

Greenwash Watch

  • Organization: Creatives for Climate
  • Post category:Courses

The course provides a unique proven framework to help brands and businesses craft credible and impact-driven sustainability communications in order to deliver campaigns and strategies that are relevant to consumer and planet needs.

The ‘Crying Indian Ad’

  • Year of release: 2023
  • Name of podcast: No Past It
  • Post category:Podcasts

On Earth Day, April 22nd 1971 a commercial debuted starring a crying American Indian. The image stuck in the country’s consciousness. But there were surprising forces behind the ad. This episode digs into the powerful players who helped shape how Amercans think about environmental action.

Potential Energy Coalition

A nonprofit coalition working to change the narrative on climate change with the US top creatives and marketers. They conduct audience research, message testing and develop creative campaigns.

Spoof campaign mocks fossil fuel’s recruitment of influencers to clean up image

  • Publication year: 2023
  • Media: The Drum
  • Post category:Articles

In a bid to dissuade young creatives from inadvertently contributing to greenwashing by making content sponsored by fossil fuels, creative network Glimpse has launched its ‘Inside Job’ campaign that wants to enlist top young talent to playfully expose the problem while pointing to a radically different future beyond high carbon brands.