The Climate Communications Resources Hub carefully curates a wide range of tools and resources to help everyone communicate the climate emergency effectively and, as a result, move as many people as possible into action.

It is an open collaborative initiative led by Small World Stories and supported by communicators and likeminded people from around the world who share our passion for climate communications.

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Our motivation

Putting together this resources Hub was inspired by our conviction that the climate crisis is, in part, a communications crisis and that we need to up our game to truly inspire way more people to get involved in every way possible. In April 2022 for the first time the IPCC (IPCC AR6 WGIII – Chapter 5) honed into the role of communications, culture and behavior change as essential levers to shift away from our carbon intensive lives.

What you'll find

The resources in this Hub include academic papers, how-to guides, media articles, webinars, podcasts and books. Each dives into some aspect of climate communications, discusses good and not so good practices and makes practical recommendations to communicators, marketers, PR agencies,  activists etc. Films and series produced with an intended climate change storyline are also featured in the hub, as well as documentaries aimed at making climate messages and stories accessible, informative and entertaining.

Resources about the history and the state of affairs in the space of climate change dis/misinformation abound in the Hub. This is no coincidence, it reflects a critical reality communicators must keep front and center.

The Hub also lists organizations and initiatives specializing in climate communications research and creative mobilization campaigns as well as those in the front lines of combatting greenwashing. We’ve also included a number of courses available to help improve how we discuss and talk about climate change.

Do your part

The climate communications space is expanding fast and every day there are more tools out there created to support our work. Our goal is to make them accessible and share them as widely as possible. So, if you have any resources you think should be included in this Hub, share them with us. Help us also promote the Hub so that many more people can use it and contribute to it.

Do you have a climate communications resource you would like to see listed in this Hub?

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Our team


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